Yale SOM aims to expand impact with major fundraising and engagement campaign

Advance knowledge

Empower faculty with the resources to deliver rigorous research on business, societal, and environmental challenges.

Professors Amy Wrzesniewski and Song Ma discussed how cutting-edge research conducted by the faculty also enhances the learning experience for SOM students. Wrzesniewski, Michael H. Jordan Professor of Management, said the faculty’s passion for rigorous research and new discoveries carries over to the classroom. “Students can also have this state-of-the-art experience. They hear about the work as it unfolds. They hear about new ideas even before they appear in the newspapers.

Ma, an assistant professor of finance, described how having the resources to pursue data- and compute-intensive projects allows faculty to examine new questions and make greater strides in understanding. . “Working on these important issues at an early stage requires a lot of insight and resources. Importantly, he is driven by our mission as a community – our ambition to make a real impact and create a better future,” he said.

Amplification of impact

Enable Yale SOM to make an impactful difference in our immediate community and in communities around the world.

Paula Volent ’97, Vice President and Chief Investment Officer of Rockefeller University, spoke with current student Julian Love ’23 about what impact means to each of them. Love described two of the team projects he is currently part of: In one, Yale Social Ventures is working with an India-based global venture capital firm to leverage distributed finance to drive financial inclusion in developing markets; in another, the Black Business Alliance helps New Haven high school students discover careers they might not have thought possible. “What came to mind for me was the importance of working collectively,” he said. “When you collaborate with other students and leverage their unique knowledge, experience, and knowledge base, that impact can grow exponentially.”

Volent noted that when she travels the world seeking investment opportunities, she frequently encounters SOM alumni doing remarkable things in all sorts of roles and industries that improve the lives of the people who serve them. surround. Graduates working in various fields share something special, she said: “There is a kind of secret recognition that we have gone through a really incredible program, and we want to continue it.” She added, “Given the complexity of the global environment, SOM is more important than ever to foster leadership, critical thinking and also diversity.”

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