UNC SOM Students Celebrate Game Day 2022

Nearly 200 UNC School Medicine Tar Heels took a giant leap forward in their careers this week. On Friday, March 18, students learned where the National Resident Matching Program matched them for their residency training.

For four years, UNC School of Medicine students worked for “Match Day” — the day they learn where they will work as resident physicians for the next few years, honing their specialized medical skills. On Friday, March 18, they reached that milestone and began their next chapter.

This year’s class had a 93% match rate and 30% of students are staying in North Carolina for their training. Students are matched in 24 different specialties and will travel to 32 different states as well as Washington, D.C.

While Match Day was a virtual celebration this year, you can visit this website to find messages from management, Match Day results, and a collection of Tweets and Facebook posts with #UNCSOMMatch from students as they discovered where they would spend their residence.

You can visit this website to learn more about Match Day and read the stories of four specific medical students and the unique journeys that led them to Match Day. The students featured are Brandon Feaster, Caitlin Eason, Josh Ewy, and Aletheia Burrell.

Congratulations to the students!

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