delighted: Two different shades in Som’s character make him interesting and challenging: Ravi Shaw in upcoming show ‘Amar Sona Chander Kona’

Actors Ravi Shaw and Jasmine Roy have teamed up for the TV show “Ámar Sona Chander Kona”. The story of the upcoming TV drama revolves around Som and the traumatic childhood that haunts him even after all these years.

Popular actor Ravi, who also has movies to his credit, is trying out for the lead role in this show. He says: “It’s a very beautiful story. I play the character of Som who is apparently a happy family man. But he has a deep wound buried in his heart. Som was separated from his biological mother and grew up with the idea that she had abandoned him right after he was born. His Pisi and Pisomoshai took care of him. Som comes to Kolkata and after much struggle, succeeds in her career, marries the love of her life and also has a son. But his past haunts him from time to time.

Ravi explained how the character has two different shades. “Som has two different shades. On the one hand, he is very happy in his life. His wife Iman is supportive and the couple also have a son. But Som has a huge hatred for his mom. All these years he wanted to meet his mother and ask her why she had abandoned him. So sometimes I have to portray the boy who is still a child in his heart and longs for his mother’s love. In such scenes, I have to portray Som as a vulnerable person. Again, when Som is with his family, he is a very happy man. I need to quickly step out of this shadow and show a cheerful side of Som. These two nuances, which oppose each other, make the character interesting and stimulating at the same time”, he explains.

The story takes a different turn, when a lady, named Komolini (tried on by actress Rita Dutta Chakraborty), aka Komol di starts working at Som. “Komol di works as a housekeeper. At first, he can’t stand it. But Komol di helps Som in many ways. Interestingly, he has no idea she is his biological mother. Once the truth is revealed, Som learns of a series of shocking incidents related to his childhood,” Ravi adds.

Interestingly, the young actor will be seen playing an on-screen dad. When asked if he has any inhibitions about playing a father, Ravi said, “There’s no doubt that Amar Sona Chander Kona’s story is truly unique. It touched my heart as soon as I heard the story. Also, it’s not about Som’s relationship with his mother. The story also explores Iman’s relationship with her father who did not keep in touch with her after marrying Som. So viewers will see his pain and his struggle too. And to be honest, most of my past shows had a female-centric story. It’s the first time I’ve had a show that revolves around the male protagonist. And it’s not like other saas-bahu dramas. As an artist, this will give me many opportunities to perform. So I have no problem playing an on-screen father.

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