Tribute to Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month at Yale SOM

Yale SOM recognizes the historical and cultural contributions of individuals and groups of Asian and Pacific Islander (AAPI) descent in the United States. The generic term AAPI includes a wide range of cultures from across the Asian continent – ​​including East, Southeast and South Asia – and the Pacific islands of Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia . As we honor this important month in the United States, we aim to highlight the great diversity of the Asian diaspora and explore the distinctiveness of the Asian American experience.

The Yale AAPI Legacy Celebration began in March and will continue through May. The university’s Asian American Cultural Center (AACC) – the third oldest such center – recently celebrated its 40th anniversary with the installation of a commemorative mural on the center building as a symbol of its rich history of justice. and advocacy. Learn more about the meaning of this mural, called Find the house.

SOM’s school-focused celebration aims to elevate the voices and contributions of AAPI within our community. This month on campus, our digital walls in Evans Hall will be plastered with prominent AAPI figures – a mix of historic national figures and current members of our community – as part of the “Champions of Change” campaign. ” from SOM. SOM’s Office of Inclusion and Diversity has partnered with students to compile a list of our favorite Pan-Asian authors and will provide copies of these books to the community for summer reading to further encourage the sharing stories and voices. Check out the list here.

Outreach programming is another way to honor AAPI heritage. The events focused on education and awareness to promote the sharing of cultural traditions across the Asian continent, to dispel and debunk cultural assumptions and myths, and to recognize the evil that the AAPI community uniquely faces. amid rising anti-Asian sentiment and violence.

One of SOM’s newest affinity clubs, the student-run Asian American and Pacific Islander Association (AAPIA) plays a crucial role throughout the year in helping to celebrate and increase awareness of the Asian experience at Yale. AAPIA organizes community and social events including special meals, dances and karaoke to celebrate the wealth of the Asian diaspora and also co-hosts events with other student groups and affinity clubs. Recently, members of AAPIA took to Instagram to share what their heritage and identity means to them. Check out some highlights from their Insta stories.

AAPI Heritage Month is one example of Yale SOM’s many efforts to celebrate the richness of our community. I invite you to learn more about our commitment to inclusion and diversity at SOM by visiting our Celebrating Diversity page.

Kristen M. Beyers
Assistant Dean of Inclusion and Diversity
Yale School of Management
Edward P. Evans Hall
165 Whitney Avenue
New Haven, Connecticut 06520
[email protected]

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