BJP leader Sangeet Som threatens to repeat Babri episode on Gyanvapi Masjid – Kashmir Media Service

Lucknow, May 11 (KMS): Known for his controversial and communal statements and hate speech, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Sangeet Som has now made an objectionable remark on Gyanvapi Mosque openly threatening to demolish the era Mughal Masjid located in the city of Benares of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

During a reception in the town of Meerut, Sangeet Som, while commenting on the Gyanvapi Mosque, said people should remember 1992 – the year when the Babri Mosque was demolished. “It was 1992 and we are in 2022. The strength of youth has doubled now and the time has come for another decision,” he said.

The hatemonger also reportedly said, “People like Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb demolished the temple and built the Gyanvapi Mosque. Now is the time to take back the temple.

Som, who was the biggest loser among known BJP leaders in the last UP Assembly elections, also wrote on his Facebook page that “Aurangzeb made Gyanvapi Mosque. In 1992 it was Babri and now in 2022 it is Gyanvapi’s turn. It’s time to take back the temple that was demolished to make it a mosque.

Reacting to Som’s controversial and irresponsible statement, Congress Spokesperson Surendra Rajput said, “This is exactly the BJP’s game plan to create unrest and division in society. We hope the BJP realizes the damage it is causing to the social fabric with such statements. The question of the Gyanvapi has been raised, as has that of the Taj Mahal. We are heading into dangerous times.

Senior Congress official Pramod Tiwari speaking to the media earlier said the BJP is looking for another Ayodhya issue to play politics in the Gyanvapi Masjid case. “The case is in court but I will say the state of BJP is like a wingless bird after Ayodhya verdict as they cannot fight the policy on jobs, inflation and ‘Achhe din ‘They are looking for another Ayodhya issue that they can politicize,’ the Congress leader said.

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