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Synopsis Miss Som Lon Channel 7HD

Som (Patchsita Atianantasak) teenager Aspiring to study well, fighting for life, being an orphan She only knows her mother’s name. lamduan is the sister of Mr. La (Weerachai Hattakowit) who owns an orchard The day Som opened his eyes to see the world was the same day his mother entrusted her life into the hands of the world and departed. never slept again Jad (Ratree Wittawat) The woman raises loveless oranges and works like a slave. Som can only be patient and obedient in exchange for grace. Som inherited her beauty from her mother, who was an old beauty queen, but Som refused to compete all her life. for unlike the personality which seems bold, unloving, beautiful Thangtra (Nathasa Vejprasit) La and Jad’s daughter Jealous of beauty and obsessed with oranges, people admire their goodness, so they bullied oranges all the time. Tomorrow (Akrat Chittasiri) Brother of the seal who loves and protects in secret

La and Jad were in debt and forced Som to marry. Sia Thep (Priya Wimonnoj) In exchange for accepting all the debt the world has borrowed and giving a big dowry, Som finds a way to slow down, not be the wife of the gods easily. Sia Thep spends a lot of money to attract him, but Som refuses to sell his dignity. Som’s pride in his dignity made Xia God want to win. Xiao Thep knew that Som was going to work part-time in a luxury hotel. Sakda (Tuangsit Riamchinda) the famous young businessman Sia Thep intends to destroy the virginity of the oranges. therefore plans to hire a tycoon to lure Som into the sequel Som was trapped and was about to become the wife of Sia God. Sila (Wakorn Sawasakorn) An energetic young businessman, whom Som thinks is just a hotel employee, comes to help him in time.

Som decides to run away from home with a javelin to help him escape. fleeing to rely on merit Jack Chrysanthemum Where Jay Huay (Kavintra Phothijak) Mae Som’s former beauty queen. Jad and Lara were curious that Som had fled to live with Jay Huay. so followed and harassed and brought with him the gods Jay Huai is afraid that the oranges are not safe. So I brought home some oranges. Kalong (Ponnapha Thepthinakorn) A kind-hearted Girl Scout sends a child to a nationally renowned beauty pageant. which is under the jurisdiction that Jay Huai lived As soon as he saw the mask, Long remembered the oranges specifically. Because Som had attacked the thief who had snatched Kalong’s necklace since then. So persuaded to report to the agency, but Som refused and fled. and when the oranges reunited, Kalong then invited Som to compete again, but Som insisted the same.

until an unexpected accident with Rayrai (Chanadee Untasri) Kalong Elle’s beauty queen broke her leg so she couldn’t compete. As the contest is about to start in the next few minutes. Kalong and Je Huai ask Som to enter the contest instead. Som decided to replace Kalong’s merit by entering a contest. Kalong changed the name of the new orange to Saracen And it was a big turning point in the life of this orphan.

What will be the next orange story? change life, including his relationship with Sila. the man who helped her keep the fun and all that focus in “Miss Som Lon” Every Monday to Friday at 6:45 p.m. First departure Monday January 17 on Channel 7HD press 35

list of main actors Miss Som Lon Channel 7HD

  • Warakorn Sawasakorn as Sila
  • Patcharasita Atianantasak as Som/Sarasinee
  • Kritsada Supaprom as Sikarn
  • Samitpong Sakulpongchai as Songprot
  • Angkana Woraratanachai as Rathirot
  • Kawintra Phothijak as Je Huay
  • Akrat Chittasiri as Tomorn
  • Kesara Wattanasang as Jutharat / June
  • Pornnapha Thepthinakorn as Kalong
  • Pamela Bowden as Lamduan/Arunmat
  • Natasa Vejprasit as Tungtra
  • Pariya Wimonnoj as Sia Thep
  • Kanyakorn Pinit as Supak
  • Tuangsit Riamjinda as Sakda
  • Kotchakon Nimakorn as Khunying Proawmas
  • Chanadee Untasri as Rae Rai
  • Weerachai Hatkowit as The
  • Ratree Wittawat as Jad

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