Photos: An adventurous and meaningful year at Yale SOM

After nearly a year at Yale SOM, I can say that it was definitely the most adventurous, meaningful, and valuable time of my life. Not only did I gain tremendously academically through a well-developed program, but I also made real connections with friends from different countries and cultures and achieved professional and personal growth.

Looking back on this incredible year, there are so many beautiful moments that I will cherish for the rest of my life: having lunch in the yard in the sun. Arethusa’s ice cream, weekly Wednesday nights at Trinity, the lovely walk we have everyday on Hillhouse Avenue, squash matches at Payne Whitney Gym, cohort dinner at Taste of China. Our school life inside and outside of Evans Hall has allowed us to form deep connections with a large community, while being constantly inspired by the wonderful people around us. I’m thrilled to share some photos that capture my most memorable moments from this year.

As I was choosing these photos and reflecting on my wonderful journey here over the past 10 months, I realized how happy and grateful I am to have applied for this amazing program three years ago and to have been part of the SOM community. . The memories and spirit that I have lived here and SOM’s mission to become a leader for business and society will be with me wherever I go.

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