More IPR awareness programs needed to increase IP activities: Som Parkash

New Delhi, Oct 14 (PTI) Minister of State for Trade and Industry, Som Parkash on Friday called for increased outreach and sensitization programs in the country for Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs).

He said awareness programs have been introduced in various schools, colleges and universities to reach the remotest corners of the country.

“More IP outreach and awareness programs are needed to increase IP activities and make India a global leader in IP,” Parkash said here at a reception.

He also said that the government was taking steps to strengthen the country’s intellectual property regime and that steps had been taken to reduce the wait for IPR applications.

Speaking at the event, G-20 Sherpa Amitabh Kant said if India was to develop at a rapid pace, it must become a knowledge-based economy. Patents and trademarks will play a vital role in making India a knowledge-based economy, he said, adding that the filing and registration of intellectual property should be accelerated.

”Patent filings in India are close to 57,000. It’s 6 lakh in the US, in China it’s almost 15 lakh. Patents issued in India are about 26,361…very very high in the United States and China…Similar in the case of trademarks. So there needs to be massive IP awareness and outreach programs at the grassroots level,” Kant said.

Heavy patent office requirements need to be digitized, he said, adding that “we need to work to fixed deadlines”.

Kant also said that the patent office should be treated as a science and technology office.

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